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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What to expect this week

Well, i'm excited to say I was able to go on my west Texas day trip yesterday and get shots in Gordon, Mingus, Thurber, Strawn, Palo Pinto, and Mineral Wells. I also learned that I love my new camera! I'll be uploading these pics soon.
I will also continue to work on last year's Labo0r Day set.
This Friday will be my first major trip of the summer and i'm between two places... here is my plan for both, I will have a decision soon.

Possible Trip 1: Take 175 out of Dallas to Jacksonville, then take a short detour to the ghost town of Dialville. Take 84 out of Rusk until you hit highway 96 in Teneha. From Teneha, take 96 south to Jasper, which is where I would stay. I would take pictures along the drive and in Jasper. Places I would visit include Martin Dies Jr. State Park and Lake Sam Rayburn.

Possible Trip 2: Take Interstate 20 (which I learned is actually a very pretty drive, not typical for interstates), until I reach Abiline. Take a lot of pictures in Abiline, visit historic landmarks etc. This is where I would stay. Drive to the historic Buffalo Gap village to take pictures of both historic buildings and scenery. Then drive to Abiline State Park to swim, take pictures, hike, etc. That night visit the well-known Anson Ghost Lights and try and record video if seen. Take some pictures in Anson as well. Also another place I would like to visit is Sweetwater, so I would take some pictures there too.

Well those are my ideas. If you have any input please leave a comment!

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