Monday, June 13, 2011

Favorite Routes of 2010

Well, since 2010 is over (and has been for a while), i've decided to make a list of my favorite drives from my road trips of 2010.
In no particular order...
Highway 180 - Weatherford to Mineral Wells
This was one of my favorite drives of the year. It took me through the country side, past many beautiful bluffs, and through two really cool old towns Weatherford and Mineral Wells, providing many picture taking oppourtunities.

Highway 281 - Minearl Wells to Marble Falls
My favorite drive of the year, this took me through many samll towns, past many historic structures, and into the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Cities it goes through include Hico, Hamilton, Lampasas, Burnet, and Marble Falls.

Highway 290 - Johnson City to Fredericksburg
This highway is probably my second favorite route behind 281. It starts in Johnson City, then goes through historic Stonewall into Fredericksburg. The route is about an hour long. This stectch of highway has the second most amount of wineries in the nation behind Sonoma Valley.

F.M. 965 - Frdericksburg to Enchanted Rock
Now that I think about it, this might be my favorite. I don't know they were all good in there own way! This road felt like a roller coaster ride, going up and down hills the whole 19 mile stretch. Enchanted Rock is one of many rocks/hills/mountains in the area, and the views from both enchanted rock and thoe road are spectacular.

Highway 16 - Llano to Fredericksburg
There is not much to say about this route, just another hill country route with spectacular views. Also, you will pass by a few interesting places such as Oxford Cemetery.

Highway 71 - Spicewood to Llano
This highway was yet another beautiful hill country route, that had A LOT of markers and lots of hills and mountains including historic Packsaddle Mountain.

F.M. 701 - South Bend to Eliasville
From one ghost town to another, this route goes through a few miles of country side,and ends at the historic Donnell Mill in Eliasville.

Highway 16 - Graham to Intersection with 281
Yep, Highway 16 is back for a second time, but this time much further north in a much different landscape. This was a nice relaxing country drive with lot's of markers. I'll take that any day over I-35, Dallas to Lewisville.

Highway 281 - Windthorst to Wichita Falls
Another hill country favorite, just further north. This was a nice country alternative to taking a major highway into a large town. I'm not used to taking country highways into large cities, but it was pretty nice actually.

Highway 240 - Burkburnett to ?
I think this was the first time i've seen a sign say "4 Historical Markers next 4 Miles" (it said something like that). I had never felt so in the middle of nowhere before this. I seriously thought it was some other world. This highway goes through about 6 ghost towns in 10 miles, and I think in that 10 miles I got about 8 markers. Not a bad drive.

F.M. 174 - Windthorst to Bowie
This was another one of those middle of nowhere drives, and it was a really fun one, especially in the evening. It really didn't go through anything but farm land, but it was still a nice drive.

And there you have it, my list of best routes of 2010. Be on the lookout for my 2011 list next year!

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