Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weird Texas Part 1: Blue Mound Hill, Haslet, Texas

This is the first in a series of weird Texas blogs I will be posting. This is inspired by the weird things, legends, hauntings, etc. I encounter on my trips, and the awesome book "Weird Texas". Now, here is part 1:

Blue Mound Hill, Haslet, Texas

Blue Mound Hill was a look out spot for a local tribe. The white settlers wanted to use this land for cattle. They were not too friendly... they slaughtered the entire tribe. Legend says that now every full moon at midnight you can see the ghosts of the Indians circling atop the hill, chanting and screaming for revenge. Supposedly the next day ashes will be found the next day from the fire the Indians set in revenge.

While that may just sound like another Texas sized tall-tale, I have done some research with locals, those locals happen to be family members that live right across the street. Though they have never personally witnessed it (because they haven't been out on a full moon to look yet), their daughter says she has seen white mists up there at night when the moon is full. Also it is not rare to hear chanting/ screaming. You could argue that it is a coyote or bobcat, but they know the difference. According to them, this is chanting. WORDS. I have driven by there at night before. While I saw nothing, it was very creepy.

To get to Blue Mound Hill, take either north or south 287 (depending on where you're coming from) and take the Blue Mound Hill Road exit and turn either left or right. Follow until you get to a hill with a white shed on top of it (the one pictured).
Part 2 of Weird Texas coming soon!


  1. I drove past the Haslet haunted hill the other day for the first time and my granddaughter who was in the car with me told me the story of the haunted Haslet hill. I was memorized. I shall visit this hill at midnight on our next full moon. I intend to load my car with lots of young teenagers (now that's scary).

  2. Uhhh, that word should read "mezmorized" ..... !

  3. Well, I haven't heard the chanting myself, but if anyone should ever find any slaughtered cattle or other biohazards they need help removing, give us a call! SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth